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I’m a freelance WEB & PRINT DESIGNER and LOUISIANA FOLK PAINTER located way back in the CANEFIELDS, down the BAYOU, by the SWAMP, but thanks to COMPUTERS I don’t have to CRAWFISH for a living.


I’m a freelance graphic designer and I paint pictures.

Working with a diversity of clients ranging from local musicians to large corporations, and being a person who has difficulty saying no, I take on projects that challenge my abilities and allow me become proficient in multiple areas of design. I have the most fun creating logos, but I am amazed by possibilities that new web development techniques offer. Lately, I have been delving into that area, and find myself obsessed with reverse engineering websites I admire.

My paintings are an escape from reality for myself and serve as a tribute to the culture of Louisiana. Growing up in south Louisiana, I absorbed the rich culture of music, food and “joie de vivre” that surrounded me. I tried cooking, but that didn’t pan out. So, I started painting. My artistic influences range from El Greco to Basquiat and I taught myself how to paint the same way I learned graphic design, reverse engineering.

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